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event management platform website

Event website

Create your own event website and registration form in a few simple steps. A series of templates enables you to […]
zakelijke evenementen module


Want to invite a hundred or several thousand guests? Simply upload and invite them. They can sign up in no […]
event management platform registratieformulier

Online registration form

Create a registration form including payments, invoicing and personal programmes in a few simple steps. All required information, including name […]
event management platform outcome

Yellenge Outcome

We present all of the data collected during your event in Yellenge Outcome. All of the results from participant interaction, […]
event management platform statistieken

Statistics and dashboard

The CMS allows you to visualise statistics with the help of tables and graphs. The organiser can see the results […]
event management software deelnemers

Participant communication

Yellenge offers several options for direct communication with participants. Mailings in your own corporate style and personalised with easy-to-use placeholders. […]
online events 01

Online and hybrid events

Yellenge offers Area Online for online and hybrid events. This environment will be used to livestream your event, providing the […]
zakelijke evenementen badge printing

Badge printing on demand

Yellenge prints the badges on site using smart technology. It’s fast, environmentally friendly, requires no preparation and is not dependent […]
zakelijke evenementen zelf check

Self check-in

Participants check in via a special code that is displayd in the lobby. The result? No queues and satisfied participants.
bezoekersregistratie QR code

Participant check-in using QR code

Register participants’ attendance with a QR code in the app. The QR code will only be visible on the day […]
event app yellenge

Yellenge Screen

All participant input generated during the event is displayed in Yellenge Screen. Yellenge Screen is a dedicated website that receives […]
bezoekersregistratie push berichten versturen

Push notifications

Need to communicate an important programme change, breaking news or a request to complete the evaluation survey? Send your participants […]
event app feedback versturen

Presentation feedback score

Does the speaker engage the audience? How does it come across? Is the presentation well received? Yellenge gives you the […]
zakelijke evenementen netwerk

Network module and participant summary

Which other participants are present? Who do I want to get to know? The participant summary shows all attending participants […]
zakelijke evenementen accreditatie


Check participants’ in-person or digital attendance for the purposes of PE credit allocation. You can do this centrally – when […]
zakelijke evenementen photowall


Participants can upload photos through the app. These photos are then displayed on an interactive presentation screen (Yellenge Screen). For […]
event app lead scan

Lead Scan

Give exhibitors the option to instantly save their leads’ contact details during the event by scanning their QR code.
event management software app

Event App

The event app dynamically displays the participant’s personalised programme and turns visitors into active participants. They can find out about […]
event app schema


The programme is configured through the CMS and automatically appears in the event app.
bezoekersregistratie chatmodule

Question and chat module

Participants can ask questions to the speaker and chat during the event. This module is linked to each presentation. Alternatively, […]
event app plattegrond

Floor plan

Where is each room located and which stands are where at a trade fair? The app contains a complete floor […]
event app quiz

Quiz games and scoreboard

Play a quiz with participants by adding quiz questions in Yellenge. The person with the most correct answers and the […]
event app live voting

Polls and live voting

Speakers can present polls and word clouds to the audience through Yellenge. Interaction is prepared in advance and deployed live […]
zakelijke evenementen mail

Email module

The email module enables you to send segmented emails in your own corporate style and you can schedule emails in […]

Participant overview

The participant overview shows you who has registered, participants’ choices and the number of deregistrations in a straightforward format.
event app team up module

Team Up module

Dreading the process of collecting and processing vast amounts of speaker information? You really don’t need to. Internal and external […]
bezoekersregistratie betaalbewijs

Proof of payment and invoicing

Generate invoices, set up invoice payments and ensure reminders, cancellations and refunds run like clockwork. It’s easy.
online events online betaling

Tickets and online payment

You can release several types of tickets for paid events. Yellenge handles online ticket sales through iDEAL, by credit card […]
event management platform programma

Programme setup

Plenary sessions, parallel sessions and sessions-in-sessions: almost any programme type is possible. Is your programme ready? Great! All the information […]
event management platform sponsorpagina

Sponsor page

Needless to say, you want to give your sponsors and partners the attention they deserve. The event app clearly displays […]
bezoekersregistratie expo

Expo summary: in-person and online

Does your conference or event have an expo featuring several exhibitors? This module allows you to present the various exhibitors […]
event management platform nieuws module

News module

Participants will have downloaded the app prior to your event. Keep them up to date with the latest developments and […]
event management platform twitter


Want to create a buzz before, during or after your event? Introduce and use a Twitter #hashtag. Share the hashtag […]
bezoekersregistratie cms

Content Management System

The CMS gives you access to all modules. From here, you easily set up everything: event website, registration, e-ticketing, event […]
bezoekersregistratie evaluatie

Evaluation survey

Set up an evaluation survey in Yellenge containing open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, scoring questions and sequence questions. You can choose […]
bezoekersregistratie wil je meer

Want more?

If the feature you want isn’t listed here, please contact us. We offer even more features than we’ve listed here. […]
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