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Effective strategic communication  

Use the power of live communication

There’s nothing more effective than live communication. Just think about how an email, newsletter or reading this website affects you. Think about how conversations with others, either in small groups or large rooms, affect you. There’s a huge difference.

That’s why live events are such a powerful strategic tool in your communication and marketing mix. Especially if you want to actively include employees, potential clients and other stakeholders in your story. And especially if you want to inspire people, so that your message sticks.

Guided by our strategic vision, we’ll be happy to collaborate with you to work out the best way to organise your event and the best formats for achieving your event goals. Let’s organise a successful event together.


Valuable expertise

The devil’s in the detail

Our experienced consultants are here to ensure you won’t miss a thing. They’ll spar with you and offer tips and advice – whether you ask for it or not. By doing so, we’ll empower you and your organisation to pull off a fantastic event.

Yellenge has successfully automated and supported thousands of business events. This has given us a vast amount of expertise and in-depth knowledge. We have embedded that knowledge in our platform, and we’re happy to share it with you on the fly.

Yellenge provides you with added value at every stage of every event: during the preparation, process, execution and evaluation. Every single time.


Stunning technology

A modular event management platform

Yellenge is a modular event management platform that will surpass your wildest dreams. The system is very accessible and user-friendly, saves you time and offers a wealth of event options.

An event website, online registration form, event app, on-site registration, online event, interaction, participant communication, floor plans, networking, evaluation surveys and much more: all of these components work smartly together in one central Content Management System (CMS). You get to configure everything yourself – or we can do it together.

In addition to its many standard functions, the platform offers numerous innovative features you didn’t even know you needed. Yellenge simply offers everything you want to take your event to the next level.

And you don’t even need to worry about uptime or information security. Our system is extremely stable and reliable and Yellenge is ISO 27001 certified.


Fancy a no-obligation meeting?

Events in all shapes and sizes

Business events come in all shapes and sizes. From congresses, symposia and staff meetings with separate sessions and workshops to medical conferences, AGMs, client days and open days… in-person, online or hybrid… one-off or periodic… 50 visitors or more than 5,000… Whatever the event, Yellenge will ensure it runs like clockwork.


Conference, seminar, expo, symposium, trade fair

An opening plenary session, a keynote, breakout sessions and an expo with exhibitors.

These are almost all regular ingredients of conferences and symposia. There are many variations, of course, with interesting names: congrestival, exposium… you name it. What matters is that Yellenge supports and facilitates all of the important aspects of your event. Through Yellenge, you’ll tackle your unique event challenge head-on. Feel free to get in touch.


Staff meeting, HR change process, innovation session

You want staff meetings to contribute to changes and developments.

The organisation updates, inspires and includes colleagues in the story. In which department should we launch the pilot? Which employees need to step back for a while? Yellenge gives you a much better understanding of your organisation’s internal needs prior to, during, and after an event. What is the right follow-up? Yellenge helps you find the answers.


Online event, livestream, webinar

Online and hybrid events are here to stay. Participants register for these events and want to actively participate online.

You want them to be engaged and involved – just like at any in-person event. You need to focus on the content and add a bit of entertainment when necessary to keep attention at the right level. For that reason, the Yellenge platform also provides you with a professional, user-friendly online module. We know all online or hybrid events inside out – ask us about the options.


Annual General Meeting (AGM), public consultation meeting

How do I arrange public consultation and items to be voted on during our Annual General Meeting?

How do I process proxy voting and arrange vote weightings? For Yellenge, it’s a piece of cake: we have standard answers and solutions ready to help you. Yellenge has extensive experience of organising AGMs of all sizes.


Training, workshops and courses

Offering in-house or externally sourced training and courses for your employees.

Growing numbers of organisations are doing this. This type of event is small-scale and repetitive. They are ideal if you want to offer a specific course 20 times per year, for example. You simply create one course in Yellenge and produce 19 copies. This gives you a full annual calendar for all trainings, workshops and courses in no time. You’re in control.


Introduction or oath-taking meeting

Those mandatory meetings that you want to present to your new employees with the right approach and energy.

These regular, important events need to be consistent and conducted in the same way each time. With Yellenge, you can organise this kind of event once and simply repeat it. This enables you to run the same event for each new group of employees.

Want to organise a meeting exclusively for shareholders, or a huge trade fair for +100,000 visitors and lots of exhibitors? These are the only two types of events that we tend not to take on. But for any other event, give us a call!

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