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The route to a
successful event



Getting to know and understand each other.

That’s the key to a good working relationship and a successful event. That is why we always start with the kick-off: an introductory meeting in which we discuss your goals and event format.

  • Kick-off meeting
  • Discuss, define and fine-tune your event goals

If you’ve already sent your save-the-date or invitation email to your invitees.. Great! They’ve already got the date in their calendars. If not, we’ll organise that together.


Process and schedule

The platform puts you in control.

We’ll draw up a schedule and discuss the roadmap including participant communication and task allocation. Which things will Yellenge take care of? Which things do you want to do yourself? Together, we’ll transfer the schedule and your event goals to the Yellenge platform.

  • Draw up a schedule
  • Set communication times
  • Discuss task allocation
  • Transfer goals to the platform

No time to spare? Want to start your registration process this week? No problem at all! Never mind the schedule – we’ll make it happen. Once you send out the link, registrations will come flooding in.


Support and checks

Let’s do this!

We’ll set up the platform for you and together we’ll make sure all of the information is provided in Yellenge on time. We’ll configure a user-friendly registration process and event website, if required. We’ll discuss and coordinate the options with you. You make the decisions and we’ll be there to support you. Together, we’ll take care of all the checks and items on your to-do list.

  • Information and access to the CMS platform
  • Configure and launch registration in corporate style
  • Collect and enter information about the speakers, sessions, venue, etc.
  • Prepare the event app and activate the required modules
  • Send out invitations and set up the registration process

Need some extra advice? We’ll discuss the options for interaction.


Instructions and dry run

Yellenge will prepare you for the day of the event.

Whether it’s an online, in-person or hybrid event, we leave nothing to chance. We’ll explain how to use the platform during the event. Where necessary, we’ll discuss the final details with the parties concerned. Shortly before the start, we’ll do a dry run together.

  • Coordinate and arrange the arrival of participants
  • Give instructions to moderators and brief speakers and hosts
  • Explain how to use the platform on the day of the event
  • Discuss the script, coordinate the technology and do a dry run

Yellenge gives you everything you need to check in your participants on the day. You’ll be able to monitor who’s inside the venue, who’s downloaded the app and who’s collected their personal badge. Our all-in-one service ensures that your event runs smoothly.



The day of the event has finally arrived. You’re ready, and so are we.

You can monitor and adjust everything in real time. We’ll give you the support you need, from telephone support to on-site support. It could be support with checking in participants, badge printing on demand or making changes. Want to double-check about interacting with the technology or the chairperson? We know all the ins and outs.

  • Monitoring and adjusting in real time
  • On-site support
  • Check-in and badge printing
  • Controlling interaction




Results and analysis

Yellenge collects all data from your event and presents you with real-time statistics.

This information includes registrations and deregistrations, ticket sales, check-ins, app downloads, interaction during the sessions, presentation feedback scores and evaluations. Yellenge Outcome presents all the results for your own analysis. Alternatively, if you opt for Outcome Premium, the analysis part will be done for you.

  • Send evaluation form
  • Real-time statistics
  • Export all data (Excel)
  • Thank participants and communicate results

Analyse all the information you’ve gathered and use it to benefit your organisation’s goals. What’s your next step? We’ll be happy to think about this with you.


After the event

Reflecting on and evaluating a successful event.

Together, we’ll reflect on a successful event. We’ll review the data from evaluations and other components and evaluate our own working relationship. We’ll help you export all of your valuable event data.

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