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zakelijke evenementen module


Want to invite a hundred or several thousand guests? Simply upload and invite them. They can sign up in no […]
event management software deelnemers

Participant communication

Yellenge offers several options for direct communication with participants. Mailings in your own corporate style and personalised with easy-to-use placeholders. […]
online events 01

Online and hybrid events

Yellenge offers Area Online for online and hybrid events. This environment will be used to livestream your event, providing the […]
zakelijke evenementen badge printing

Badge printing on demand

Yellenge prints the badges on site using smart technology. It’s fast, environmentally friendly, requires no preparation and is not dependent […]
zakelijke evenementen zelf check

Self check-in

Participants check in via a special code that is displayd in the lobby. The result? No queues and satisfied participants.
bezoekersregistratie QR code

Participant check-in using QR code

Register participants’ attendance with a QR code in the app. The QR code will only be visible on the day […]
event app yellenge

Yellenge Screen

All participant input generated during the event is displayed in Yellenge Screen. Yellenge Screen is a dedicated website that receives […]
bezoekersregistratie push berichten versturen

Push notifications

Need to communicate an important programme change, breaking news or a request to complete the evaluation survey? Send your participants […]
zakelijke evenementen netwerk

Network module and participant summary

Which other participants are present? Who do I want to get to know? The participant summary shows all attending participants […]
zakelijke evenementen accreditatie


Check participants’ in-person or digital attendance for the purposes of PE credit allocation. You can do this centrally – when […]
zakelijke evenementen mail

Email module

The email module enables you to send segmented emails in your own corporate style and you can schedule emails in […]
bezoekersregistratie expo

Expo summary: in-person and online

Does your conference or event have an expo featuring several exhibitors? This module allows you to present the various exhibitors […]
bezoekersregistratie evaluatie

Evaluation survey

Set up an evaluation survey in Yellenge containing open-ended questions, multiple-choice questions, scoring questions and sequence questions. You can choose […]
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