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Alongside a host of unique features Yellenge comes full equipped as standard to support your event in the best way possible. The Yellenge App allows visitors to access all relevant information before and during your event. You can showcase the programme, introduce the (keynote) speakers, put the spotlight on your sponsors, update the location and provide travel guidance, plus a whole lot more.

Yellenge Screen is your all-in-one information point, allowing you to show relevant and up to date information in every room or conference area. A "Welcome" message at the entrances, an "Enjoy your lunch" message during the break or a "Thank you & Goodbye" message at the exits. Yellenge is a professional tool, fully equipped with unique features and designed with great attention to detail. We can provide you with all the right tools for your event, and can add customised features as per your requirements.

An actively participating audience

Using Yellenge transforms an attendee into a participant. No monologues, but dialogues. Use Yellenge and see for yourself how interaction is created by actively involving the audience during a session. Asking questions, voicing their opinion or contributing to a poll: Yellenge App combined with Yellenge Screen gives power to any audience, making them more than just a good listener.

The result? More attention to what is being said, enthusiasm and added value for both speaker and audience alike. A smartphone is no longer a potential disruptor, with Yellenge installed it becomes a tool contributing to the success of your event!

Get a grip on your event

As an organiser you like to have a grip on your conference, symposium, seminar and other events and to provide additional guidance where necessary, either before an event starts or in real-time during the event itself. Yellenge makes that task exceedingly simple.

Conflicting parallel sessions? A speaker suddenly dropped out? A change of venue? Make a change with the Yellenge App and send an immediate message [via push messaging] to your visitors' smartphones.

Curious to see how the event went? Want to personally thank the attendees? Send a mini-poll or a personalised "thank you" message. Yellenge enables you to reach out in a personal way to each attendee via the Yellenge App installed on their smartphone.

A message that makes an impact

Every speaker is looking for an enthusiastic audience. An audience that doesn't just sit there but actively participates with your story. Of course, you want your message to come across and be memorable as well. Too much to ask?

Yellenge brings your audience closer to you and your message. Take your audience along for the ride and make them see what you're saying. Answer their questions when it suits you best and fine-tune your message by using a mini-poll or placing a challenging theme for dialogue and debate.

The Yellenge App combined with Yellenge Screen ensures your message comes across. Finished your session? Not with Yellenge. The feedback you received during your presentation makes an excellent basis for a follow-up!

Data doesn't lie

Yellenge tells you who is present, which session went well and how the audience rated it. But there's more.

Thanks to innovative features and using mini-polls you can collect valuable, relevant information. Did visitors like the location? Which keynote speakers hit their mark, and which presentations were the most impactful?

By using Yellenge you initiate a personal dialogue with your attendees. The result? A high rate of conversion compared to the usual impersonal emails and web-forms. Measure the true value and impact of your conference or event. Don't just look at the numbers, there's a whole world of data out there to evaluate!

How does it work

Added value for everyone!

Interaction at work

Yellenge challenges your speakers to actively communicate with their audience, to involve them, making them active participants in their presentation. The resulting energy is a boost to any speaker, leading to an even better presentation or speech. That way the message sticks, long after the presentation is finished.

How do we do this? Yellenge Screen collects and shows in a clear and concise way all input received. You answer when you want to. Get to know your audience's opinion through a poll, or introduce a theme that gets people thinking. Get to work with your audience, even after you've finished your presentation!

A participating audience, is a happy audience

Just listening to a speaker's presentation while you would rather get involved? Why choose for one-way communication? Why are conferences often just like listening to a recording? Make it fully interactive, get your audience to participate!

How do we do this? Transform visitors into participants. By using the Yellenge App your audience has the chance to really contribute. They can ask questions, voice their opinion en provide the speaker with relevant input. The result: An active, involved and enthusiastic audience!

Your precious data, safe and sound

Yellenge makes you the perfect host. It allows attendees to become participants, and your speakers to interact with their audience when and how they prefer. Enhance your event, target key opportunities and adjust where necessary. All in real-time.

How do we do this? Yellenge Outcome brings the end result into focus! Were the presentations successful? What did visitors think of the event and what can we do to improve? Yellenge Outcome allows you to make the right calls based on concrete evidence.

Don't lose your identity

Yellenge can be customised to meet your corporate identity and branding requirements, making it clear in an instant it's your own Yellenge App.

Need more information or just have a few questions?

Phone +31 (0)24 848 5135 or mail or send us an email using this form below.

Setting up made easy

Getting ready to go with Yellenge is easy and just requires a few actions. Together with you we design the App and enter the content to ensure it's a perfect match with your event. You tell us what you need and what you would like, we take care of the technical development and configuration.

Once set-up is finalised we'll make a dry-run together with you during a workshop. We'll provide you with a clear explanation on how to use the Yellenge App and answer any of your questions. After this workshop you'll be able to use the Yellenge App in the best way possible. If you prefer we can also help you at the event itself, on-site Yellenge customer support will make sure everything runs smoothly.

Once Yellenge has been customised to meet your requirements, and we've run through the Yellenge App with you during the workshop, you're all set to go. However, if you prefer, Yellenge also offers full event support.

Yellenge Support guarantees the full-time, on-site presence of one of our employees during your event. This person will be responsible for setting up the Yellenge App in the best way possible to meet your requirements on the day. You can even have Yellenge Support run the App for you during the event, giving you complete peace of mind.

Once your event is finished Yellenge Outcome is your most valuable tool. Results, grading, audience input and feedback:

it's all captured in Yellenge Outcome and delivered to you in easy to understand formats, including an Excel file and graphic charts. Would you like to have us involved in your post-event evaluation? Just let us know!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yellenge?

Yellenge is a tool to assist you during an event with a (large) number of participants or attendees. Yellenge comprises three main components, Yellenge App, Screen and Outcome. Using all three components ensures your event is fully equipped to deliver the best results possible, including your own Event App, interactive screens, statistics and results monitoring.

How can I use Yellenge?

Where: Yellenge can be used at conferences, symposia, customer days, roadshows, town-hall meetings, union assemblies, shareholder meetings and other organized events.

When: Basically any event with approximately 75 or more visitors is ideal for Yellenge (our highscore event was over 8.200 visitors).

Why should I use Yellenge?

  1. Yellenge supports and stimulates audience communication and participation, both during and after your event.
  2. Yellenge maps out the interaction and customer experience, clearly identifying your event's ROI.
  3. Yellenge transforms attendees into active participants, increasing their interest, attention and retention.
  4. Yellenge registers crowd and time management during your event

Yellenge doesn't just allow you to organize your event. It allows you to direct your event

Is Yellenge free for my attendees?

Yes, Yellenge is free for guests, visitors, customers, colleagues and anyone else you would like to invite! As you're the event organizer you get to decide on how to best use the Yellenge App. You call the shots; after all you're picking up the tab.

Are there different Yellenge modules?

Yes. Yellenge comprises three main components App, Screen and Outcome. These can be expanded with other specific modules such as: public interaction, pre-polling, parallel sessions, participant lists, evaluation, and eight other modules.

Together we can decide on how to best use Yellenge for your event. After all, Yellenge is a practical and innovative tool, not a means to an end itself.

What is an event code?

An event code is a unique word that immediately connects to your event and organization. You can choose your own event code and communicate this to your visitors ahead of, or during, your event. Once visitors have downloaded the Yellenge App they can enter your event code to gain access to your unique version of the Yellenge App. This event app will carry your corporate identity, logo, branding and will list the sponsors, (keynote) speakers and any other useful information for your event.

Sounds great. When can I get my own Yellenge Event App?

We're fast. Really fast even. Once you have decided on the content and other important issues (date, location, etc.) the Yellenge App can be yours within just two working days.

We suggest though to take little more time and get in touch with us, maybe even before announcing your event to the world. That way we can assist you in evaluating the need and possible uses for the Yellenge App and make sure it can be fully customized to meet your requirements

What does the Yellenge Screen show?

The Yellenge Screen can assist you in various ways during your event.

Firstly, it can act as an interactive second screen during your keynote presentations, supporting the speaker and audience.

Secondly, Yellenge Screen can be used as a more traditional information point in each separate meeting room, making sure that the right information is shown in the right place at the right time. This can be as simple as showing the programme in the conference room, the menu in the lunch hall and a "Thank You' at the exits

Does the Yellenge App work on all types of smartphone?

The Yellenge App can be used on phones running Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Phone. You'll also need an active connection to the internet!

Does the Yellenge App work on other (mobile) devices?

Yes. The Yellenge App also works on laptops and tablets (iPad, etc.). Depending on the device (make, model, type) the layout can seem slightly different/zoomed in. This is because the Yellenge App is optimised for smartphones.

Besides the Yellenge App we also offer a web-based version. This means you can access it with every device connected to the internet.

Where can my visitors find the Yellenge App?

The Yellenge App can be downloaded from the usual App Stores.

  • Apple App Store Enter "Yellenge" into the search field in the Apple Store. Yellenge is a product of Owello and can recognised by its green logo.
  • Google Play Store Enter "Yellenge" into the search field in the Play Store. Yellenge is a product of Owello and can recognised by its green logo.
  • Windows Phone Store Enter "Yellenge" into the search field in the Windows Phone Store. Yellenge is a product of Owello and can recognised by its green logo.
  • Apple Appstore
  • Google Play
  • Windows Phone